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Employment law system requires change, expert says

Employment law system requires change, expert says

Altering employment legislation could be essential if the government is to usher in a new era where sex discrimination is a thing of the past.

That is according to Professor Beverley Skeggs, who lectures sociology at Goldsmith's University, who believes the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance needs to be more proactive in order to stop inequality on the grounds of gender occurring in Britain.

Professor Skeggs explained that measures such as new childcare policies, altering social interests and the reconstruction of the welfare state could all have a positive impact on the promotion of equality as "fundamental things" - like childcare - are "incredibly important" to women at work.

The expert went on to insist females should be "treated as equal to men, as opposed to secondary to them".

Recently, a study by the Equality and Human Rights Commission showed that, if current trends were maintained, it would take up to 70 years for women to achieve parity with men in terms of holding top positions in FTSE 100 firms.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson