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Companies 'must play a role in tackling sex discrimination'

Companies 'must play a role in tackling sex discrimination'

Businesses must play their role in combating sex discrimination in the UK's employment sector by encouraging females to flourish within their organisation.

That is according to Carmen Watson, managing director of Pertemps Recruitment Partnership, who has called on managers to recognise the fact there is a "large hold of untapped talent" among women workers across the country that "should be in boardrooms".

Ms Watson explained that one way of going about this is to create "the right culture with the right support and mentoring" for such employees, as companies will reap the benefits of this in the long run.

Research published earlier this week (August 15th) by the Financial Mail's Women's Forum revealed that just nine of 46 building societies it surveyed have a female presence in its boardroom.

The expert went on to insist that firms should strive to implement a "sustainable" model of progression, whereby future generations of women can achieve high-level positions.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas