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Boy awarded £6.6m clinical negligence compensation

Boy awarded £6.6m clinical negligence compensation

Clinical negligence compensation worth £6.6 million has been awarded to a young boy for the life-changing injuries he sustained during his birth.

Leo Whitem, now seven years of age, is not expected to ever be able to live independently and cannot stand or walk due to the brain damage he suffered while being delivered at St George's Hospital in south London in 2004.

During a case heard at the High Court, the NHS Trust involved admitted liability for the child's health issues - which also include restricted speech and mobility - and was subsequently ordered to grant his family an initial lump sum of £2.7 million in damages.

Mr Justice Smith, presiding over the case, labelled Leo's injuries "catastrophic" and added: "[He] will not be capable of any form of employment and will never have the necessary mental capacity to be able to manage his own affairs."

Recently, the Daily Mail reported that compensation in excess of £300,000 had been awarded to the family of Mark Bonehill after a misdiagnosis of a blood clot resulted in his death in 2008.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson