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Body calls for changes to employment law proposals

Body calls for changes to employment law proposals

Alterations need to be made to the government's proposed employment law reforms with regard to flexible working and parental leave.

That is according to Tim Thomas - head of employment affairs at EEF, the manufacturers' body - who was speaking following the publication of the Modern Workplaces consultation by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance.

Mr Thomas explained that while his organisation applauds the administration for trying to get the balance right on these crucial issues, it is important that some of its measures are modified further before being implemented into law.

For instance, the EEF official noted that current plans on parental absence would cause a "significant administrative and financial burden" on manufacturers.

"[The government] does need to look again at the complexity of its proposals for making parental leave more flexible," he added.

This comes after the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development urged the coalition to stick to its timetable for flexible working.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson