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Veterans to take cancer claims to Supreme Court

Veterans to take cancer claims to Supreme Court
Army veterans have moved forward with their claims for damages as a result of cancer they say was developed as a result of their service.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has failed in a bid to have the case thrown out, with Lord Phillips, president of the Supreme Court, granting the men the chance to appeal, reports the Guardian.

But the judge said he had no intention of giving "false optimism" to the veterans and is only giving them the opportunity to have their case heard again.

Ex-RAF aircraft assistant Dougie Dawes, 76, of Darlington, Co Durham, said: "We have won the latest round. So it is a victory. But it could be months before we get the next court hearing."

James Dingemans QC said evidence backing up the claims of the veterans has never been properly heard in court, due to the MoD consistently denying its liability due to the technical grounds of the Limitations Act.

The Supreme Court is the final place civil claims can be heard in the hierarchy of the UK legal system.

Posted by Francesca Witney