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Tribunal to rule on alleged unfair dismissal

Tribunal to rule on alleged unfair dismissal

An employment tribunal is taking place to determine whether a man's grievance claim based on unfair dismissal is legitimate.

According to the Oxford Mail, Darren Oakley used to work for logistics company Unipart - which has more than 200 branches in its automotive sector across the UK - before leaving the company after an instance of whistleblowing.

The 41-year-old told his superiors that he had evidence of "systematic false accounting" going on within the firm and then departed from his role.

Mr Oakley has informed the tribunal that the allegations made by his former employer over him apparently requesting money to keep quiet about this issue are false and represent a "complete sham".

"I never said I wanted a financial settlement and I never said I wanted to leave the company," he added.

He is therefore seeking redress for the actions of his ex-bosses as he claims they have committed breach of contract by firing him.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett