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Road traffic accident leads to compensation claims

Road traffic accident leads to compensation claims

Several claims for personal injury compensation have been lodged following a road traffic accident in Wales.

According to Wales Online, the five survivors of an incident on the M4 motorway near Pencoed in the summer of 2006 that left a woman dead have now launched their pursuit for damages against automotive company Yoyo Tire and Rubber.

This accident occurred as six people were travelling back from a trip to the Skanda Vale Hindu temple in a seven-seat Mitsubishi Parejo vehicle, which suffered a tyre blow-out.

Eyewitness accounts of the incident reveal this car flipped "at least ten times" and resulted in Neha Bhatt passing away from her injuries.

However, the other five travellers are seeking compensation from the global firm - founded in 1966 - at the High Court, as they claim its negligence was the cause of the accident as there was a "manufacturing defect" in the tyre that failed to remain intact.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens