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Managers 'must take responsibility to avoid staff grievances'

Managers 'must take responsibility to avoid staff grievances'

Managers can take several simple steps that may minimise the likelihood of their business facing grievance claims or tribunals brought about by disgruntled workers, an expert has suggested.

According to Richard Denny, business growth specialist and chairman of the Richard Denny Group, bosses must recognise the fact that it is their responsibility to cultivate and hone a sense of camaraderie and loyalty among their workforce.

Mr Denny was speaking amid the ongoing issues involving News Corporation and the phone-hacking scandal, which has seen the News of the World newspaper abolished.

This affair has resulted in clear divisions forming between senior officials and staff members and Mr Danny explained that other businesses could learn from News Corp's mistakes by fostering an internal culture of "honesty and integrity".

"Managers have to lead by example - and if their honesty, integrity and principles are up to scrutiny, people working for a boss will respect and trust that boss," he added.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett