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Expert calls on govt to regulate will writing industry

Expert calls on govt to regulate will writing industry

More stringent regulations need to be implemented on will writing by the government in order to reduce the number of "dodgy operators" in the sector at present.

That is the view of Brian McMillan, director general of The Society of Will Writers, who has urged the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance to introduce fresh laws to control this area.

Mr McMillan explained that insisting on people adhering to a strict set of regulations would benefit all concerned in the will writing industry, as the quality of its professionals would become standardised while the service offered to consumers would be enhanced.

"The profession has grown to such a size that some form or standardisation in training and education and some form of licensing of will writers is required," the expert insisted.

He was speaking following the publication of the Legal Ombudsman's first report into this issue, which advocated the use of stauncher restrictions to combat the growing problem of unregulated individuals drawing up wills.

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Posted by Richard Saunders