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Ex-project manager wins unfair dismissal case

Ex-project manager wins unfair dismissal case

A man has won compensation for unfair dismissal after taking legal action against his former employer in a tribunal.

According to online resource Get Reading, Sidharth Deva was removed from his role as project manager at the Reading Council for Racial Equality (RCRE) - which is chaired by Ejaz Elahi - following a dispute with a former colleague over a job reference.

Mr Deva was contracted for a period of two yeas with the RCRE, but this period of employment was cut short by senior officials during a disciplinary procedure taken against him after he gave a reference, which resulted in the man not being appointed.

However, the tribunal ruled that this process had been "biased against" the 46-year-old as it had not been conducted in a "fair and objective manner".

Therefore, Mr Deva has now received redress for his unfair dismissal and, after the case, he told the news source that this instance "just goes to show what a shameful organisation RCRE is".

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Posted by Daniel Stevens