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Disability discrimination case taken to Court of Appeal

Disability discrimination case taken to Court of Appeal

A disability discrimination case is being taken to the Court of Appeal by a mature student.

Shelley Maxwell, 49, is taking action against the University of Salford as she claims she did not receive the necessary support for her narcolepsy problem to get through her degree, reports the Daily Mail.

The condition is thought to be caused by reduced amounts of a protein called hypocretin, which is created in the brain.

It means Ms Maxwell found it difficult to stay awake during lectures and she argues there was not enough written material provided after classes for her to catch up with what she had missed.

Ms Maxwell is demanding compensation of £34,000 from the university, which has already offered to allow her to retake the military and international history course free of charge.

After she complained to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator, the body ruled she should receive £2,500 compensation for inconvenience and distress, but Ms Maxwell said this does not go far enough.

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Posted by Francesca Witney