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Professional advice 'crucial for anyone heading to tribunal'

Professional advice 'crucial for anyone heading to tribunal'

It is essential for any worker potentially heading for an employment tribunal on the grounds of an issue such as unfair dismissal to seek the advice of a legal professional.

That is the suggestion of Phil Flaxton - chief executive officer of Work Wise UK, a not-for-profit body that encourages the adoption of better employment practices - who believes it is vital for anyone faced with potential redundancy to discuss their options with a specialist.

Mr Flaxton suggested this is the best option for anyone who "could go to an industrial tribunal", as it will provide them with sufficient knowledge prior to going through such a process.

He noted that before discussing any severance package with an employer, an individual should "be as prepared as they possibly can to understand what their rights are".

Should they fail to do so, a worker might go into a meeting "unprepared and not be fully briefed or aware of what their entitlements are", he added.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens