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Employment tribunal ruling to be appealed

Employment tribunal ruling to be appealed

The fall-out from the findings of a high-profile employment tribunal looks set to continue.

Sharon Shoesmith was relieved of her duties as head of children's services for her alleged negligence in not recognising the poor conditions baby P - Peter Connelly - was living in prior to his death from neglect in 2007.

However, Ms Shoesmith launched a grievance case against the then-government and, earlier this year, it was ruled by the Court of Appeal that she had been a victim of unfair dismissal.

However, it has been announced that Haringey Council - Ms Shoesmith's former employers - and the Department of Education are to seek a review of this decision as ex-children's secretary Ed Balls indicated he "strongly disagreed" with the findings, the BBC reports.

A spokesman for Haringey Council told the news source: "The council believes it acted properly throughout the process and stands by everything it has done."

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Posted by Daniel Stevens