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Council boss suing for sex discrimination

Council boss suing for sex discrimination

An ex-council boss is suing her former employers for alleged sex discrimination and will be taking them to an employment tribunal.

Caroline Elwood is taking the action against Sefton council, which covers the 22-mile coastline stretch between Bootle and Southport in the north of England, after claiming her redundancy package was less than it should have been, the Crosby Herald reports.

Ms Elwood took early retirement from her position - from which she earned £90,000 a year - with an enhanced £250,000 pension, but believes she is entitled to a five-figure payment after leaving the post due to restructuring.

She alleged compensation was denied to her after she was informed she could not take voluntary redundancy, while six senior male employees were handed improved terms in the move.

Town hall sources, however, accused Ms Elwood of "greed at the expense of the taxpayer" and are confident she will not be handed the compensation.

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Posted by Richard Saunders