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IoD: Deregulation of employment law is needed

IoD: Deregulation of employment law is needed

The government must continue to look into ways in which it can alter the UK's employment law in the aftermath of the global economic downturn, a leading business figure has stated.

In recent times, the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance has unveiled a raft of changes it plans to make to the country's current system throughout its term in parliament, such as restructuring flexible working and parental leave programmes.

And, speaking to the Financial Times earlier this week (May 23rd), an official from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development suggested that deregulation of employment law may be a step in the wrong direction in the wake of the recession.

However, Miles Templeman - director general of the Institute of Directors, an organisation with more than 45,000 members nationwide - has dismissed this claim as he described excessive rules and regulations as "one of the most damaging features" of the country's business environment.

"There is clear scope for making some big improvements to regulations without disadvantaging workers," he added.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett