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Government 'should promote flexible working for businesses'

Government 'should promote flexible working for businesses'

The government's forthcoming alterations to the UK's employment law should include provisions to promote flexible working as a beneficial practice for both businesses and workers.

That is the opinion of Peter Thomson, director of research at the Telework Association, who believes that such internal policies are not just favourable for individuals but also organisations as well, as they are often misconceived as just "family friendly".

Mr Thomson explained that flexible working "often gets associated with the whole idea of maternity and paternity benefits", whereas in actual fact it should "be promoted nationally as something that is good for business".

Last week (May 16th), the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills launched a consultation on plans to implement a new system of parental leave from 2015 that would promote greater levels of flexibility than the current regime.

According to the coalition, these alterations would help put in place a "modern workplace for the modern economy".

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Posted by Richard Saunders