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George Osborne pledges employment law review

George Osborne pledges employment law review

The government has pledged to consider reforming several areas of British employment law in the near future.

Under the umbrella of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance's continuing review on what areas of the current system could be changed, it is now set to explore the possibility of amending aspects such as the structure for compensation payments made following employment tribunals.

Also being considered for reform is the Transfer Undertakings Protection of Employment Regulations and in a speech delivered at the Institute of Directors' Annual Convention, chancellor George Osborne, who is also MP for the constituency of Tatton, said: "If we are to support private sector growth and create jobs, we can't shy away from looking at difficult issues like employment law."

Mr Osborne went on to explain that the government will welcome contributions from businesses on how legislation can be enhanced further as the administration does not want to "hold back job creation" following the recession.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens