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Flexible working 'can be incorporated into any business'

Flexible working 'can be incorporated into any business'

Flexible working can be incorporated into pretty much any professional environment and is likely to enhance the conditions of all businesses, an expert has said.

In recent times, the government has unveiled a raft of changes it is planning to make to the UK's employment law before the end of the current parliament in 2015, including alterations to parental leave and flexible working.

And, according to Peter Thomson, director of research at the Telework Association, such practices are beneficial to workplaces and can be accommodated into the majority of firms' internal rules, regardless of how "hands-on" certain positions are perceived to be.

Mr Thomson explained that many managerial doubts surrounding flexible working are "overplayed".

"I think part of the prejudice is a feeling that because it can't be done permanently from home, it can't be done from home at all," he added.

These comments came after the Trades Union Congress revealed recently (May 20th) that the growth of home-working stalled somewhat throughout the recession.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett