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Councillors reject proposal to limit media involvement

Councillors reject proposal to limit media involvement

An order that may have prevented officials from a local authority in the UK from whistleblowing in the media has been abolished, it has emerged.

According to The Sentinel, a measure that would have imposed limits on what members of Stoke-on-Trent City Council could have revealed through newspapers or other outlets such as social media sites like Twitter and Facebook has now been scrapped following complaints from councillors.

This agreement would have resulted in officials being disallowed from "unfairly criticising the authority", including the "council, its services or its officers" via the media, but was met with widespread apathy among many officials.

For instance, Mohammed Pervez, Labour leader in the assembly, told the news source: "In all honesty, I did have concerns with it. There are enough procedures in place to ensure the integrity expected of councillors."

Meanwhile, David Conway, councillor for the city's Burslem North ward, added: "Councillors know how to behave and they know items discussed with confidentiality are not to go out of the room."

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett

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