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Asbestos found in 'dozens of houses in York'

Asbestos found in 'dozens of houses in York'

Residents living in an area of York may be affected by asbestos-related illnesses after it emerged that the potentially lethal substance had been found in many properties in the northern city.

Investigations conducted by officials from the City of York Council - which is led by Liberal Democrat representative councillor Andrew Waller - revealed that the material is present in dozens of homes in the Nunnery Lane estate.

Therefore, the local authority has stated that workers will be sent in to the affected properties throughout this month as well as June and July in order to remove the substance, which can cause fatal diseases such as asbestosis and mesothelioma.

Steve Waddington of City of York Council commented: "The council will be doing everything to minimise any risks and to remedy the situation as swiftly and safely as possible."

However, compensation claims could be forthcoming from people should they feel any ill-effects of coming into contact with asbestos.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett