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Report suggests UK divorce rate is climbing

Report suggests UK divorce rate is climbing

Many children across the UK witness their parents go through a divorce before they reach the age of 16, it has been revealed.

According to a new study conducted by the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), around half - 48 per cent - of all youngsters will experience the upheaval of their mother and father going through the process of separation early in their lives, which represents an increase of eight per cent on the figure recorded ten years ago.

The body - which was established in 2004 by Iain Duncan Smith in order to help combat poverty across the country - stated that "never in Britain's history has family breakdown hit such heights".

It added that other factors are also contributing to this trend, such as 45 per cent of births occurring outside of marriage.

Gavin Poole, executive director of the CSJ, observed: "Current high levels of cohabitation are a key factor in the rise in family breakdown."

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Posted by Richard Saunders