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Many dress codes 'include provisions against religious discrimination'

Many dress codes 'include provisions against religious discrimination'

Many companies across the UK have policies in place with regard to the clothes employees are allowed to wear in order to reduce the possibility of them facing complaints of discrimination at work over religious beliefs.

According to the XPertHR dress code survey published by Personnel Today, 89 per cent of all organisations that impose a dress code have also taken measures to ensure they are not seen as discriminatory against certain groups.

The study involved examining the policies of 269 different firms and also found 33 per cent of these are flexible insofar as they permit requirements relating to religion or belief.

Author of the paper Charlotte Wolff observed "it is helpful to consult with employees or their representatives when drawing up a dress code to get an indication of any potential issues".

Last year, a Christian staff member at British Airways lost an appeal following her claim she had been discriminated against after being banned from wearing a crucifix while working.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett