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Employment law 'must be more balanced for all parties involved'

Employment law 'must be more balanced for all parties involved'

It is important for the government to make provisions for smaller businesses as well as individuals in its proposals to alter the UK's employment law.

That is the opinion of Phil Orford - chief executive of the Forum of Private Business (FPB), a not-for-profit body that offers proactive support to its members - who believes that the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance's changes to the country's legislation should seek to improve conditions for all parties concerned.

The FPB has produced a new campaign entitled Get Britain Trading, in which it offers guidance to the administration on how it could go about striking a "better balance" in the system which could help reduce the 1.9 million grievance cases heard in Britain annually.

For instance, the body's research found that 32 per cent of all organisations would favour a fairer regime whereby financial penalties are imposed on employers that ignore their employment law requirements.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens