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Employers 'must look to tackle age discrimination'

Employers 'must look to tackle age discrimination'

Employers should not consider the age of a member of staff or a potential candidate for an open position as a defining factor behind their assessment of them.

That is according to Jane Ashcroft, chief executive of Anchor, who has suggested that companies could reduce the likelihood of facing grievance cases on the grounds of age discrimination if they disregarded this factor altogether when considering workers.

Ms Ashcroft explained that her charity is eager to make sure employees across all sectors benefit from a "level playing field".

"Our plea is that a job should be given to the right person; the decision shouldn't be made about whether somebody is too old or too young," she added.

A study published recently (April 18th) by the Mannheim Research Institute for the Economics of Aging revealed evidence it had found to show older workers to be no less productive than their younger counterparts.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett