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CBI calls for employment tribunal system revamp

CBI calls for employment tribunal system revamp

It is important for the government to revamp the UK's employment tribunal system sooner rather than later, a leading business group has stated.

Within its contribution to the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance's Resolving Workplace Disputes document, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) labels the current system "slow, legalistic and antagonistic", meaning it fails to fulfil its aims of offering "informal, quick and cost-effective judgements".

The CBI has called on the administration to implement a raft of changes to workplace tribunals - which can take place on the grounds of grievances such as race discrimination, breach of contract and unfair dismissal - in order to make the system faster, fairer and cheaper for both claimants and employers.

For instance, the government should look to encourage early agreement on a fair settlement package, the body noted.

Katja Hall, chief policy director at the CBI, observed: "Surely it's in everyone's interests for cases with merit to be heard quickly and settled."

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Posted by Richard Saunders