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Birth injury compensation paid to girl, 16

Birth injury compensation paid to girl, 16

A 16-year-old girl has been awarded compensation totalling £575,000 following a serious birth injury case.

Zahra Jaffer was harmed during birth when her shoulders were struck by medical professionals at a north London hospital.

Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust held its hands up to the incident, admitting its guilt but refusing to agree to the demands for compensation.

However, Mr Justice Foskett, sitting in the High Court, awarded the significant damages payment after hearing details of the case.

Upon announcing the verdict, the Daily Mirror reports the official stated: "I am going to give her a lecture on not spending it on clothes."

Nathan Humphries, who is now 12, is another to benefit financially recently following an unfortunate incident.

The boy was starved of oxygen during birth when nurses failed to react quickly enough to his mother's high blood pressure levels, leaving him with brain damage.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens