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Vince Cable reveals potential employment law changes

Vince Cable reveals potential employment law changes

Many of the nation's smaller businesses are set to benefit from changes made to employment law in the coming months and years, a government official has suggested.

During a speech given to the Federation of Small Businesses in Liverpool last week (March 18th 2011), Conservative MP for Hertford and Stortford Mark Prisk outlined plans set to be implemented by business secretary Vince Cable in the coalition's Growth Review.

For instance, under Conservative-Liberal Democrat proposals, micro-businesses that employ less than ten people and new start-up firms will be afforded a three-year exemption from domestic rules in order to remove the "overly burdensome or unnecessary" regulation surrounding them.

Furthermore, the alliance has also revealed its intention to reduce the charges faced by smaller companies when meeting European Union directives.

Mr Cable commented that "it’s not right that businesses should have to deal with years of government intervention by abiding by arcane rules".

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Posted by Richard Saunders