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Unfair dismissal law changes 'unlikely to reduce grievance cases'

Unfair dismissal law changes 'unlikely to reduce grievance cases'

New employment laws being implemented by the government surrounding areas such as unfair dismissal are unlikely to limit the number of grievance cases being brought against companies, an expert has suggested.

In a blog written on the Work Foundation's website, the organisation's associate director of policy Stephen Overell noted that the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance's measures may not decrease compensation claims and awards.

Mr Overell explained that due to the fact that "only a minority of unfair dismissal claims are for straightforward unfair dismissal", the lengthening of the time frame under which employees seeking damages for this need to have been at a firm from one year to two will not have a significant effect.

"The qualification period change could cause litigants to look to other laws to seek their justice, displacing activity, but not necessarily deterring it," he explained.

The Work Foundation official stated that other forms of grievance, such as breach of contract, are likely to increase in number.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens