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Mother seeks £300k in clinical negligence compensation

Mother seeks £300k in clinical negligence compensation

A mother is seeking a clinical negligence compensation settlement in excess of £300,000 for the health problems sustained by her son at his birth in 1982.

According to the Redditch Advertiser, the woman, known as GWH, is pursuing damages through a High Court writ for the injuries sustained by the 28-year-old man, identified as RH, during his delivery by caesarean section at Birmingham Maternity Hospital.

The document states that RH appeared to be "shocked and battered" and had an "extremely swollen head" after his birth, which has left him battling conditions such as cerebral palsy and epilepsy, as well as meaning he struggles with a poor memory and has distorted vision.

As a result, GWH is seeking a substantial sum of compensation from the West Midlands Strategic Health Authority, which was formed in 2006 after restructuring of three separate bodies across different areas of the region.

This claim is to cover the ongoing costs of caring for the man, as well as to compensate for his pain and suffering.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett