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Employers 'now recognising benefits of flexible working'

Employers 'now recognising benefits of flexible working'

More organisations across the UK are now recognising the benefits of offering their members of staff the opportunity to operate under flexible working practices.

That is according to Shirley Borett, development director at the Telework Association, who feels that employers have now become tuned in to the "bigger picture" of how flexible working can suit all parties in the post-recession business landscape.

Ms Borrett explained that past debates regarding how such employment rights can negatively affect smaller companies had given flexible working something of a bad name among bosses, but added that the employer sector has "come quite a way" since then.

"Benefits like loyalty, lower turnover of staff and all of those sorts of things got missed in the whole employment rights debate," she noted.

These comments came after research by Swinton recently revealed that 20 per cent of homeowners across the country are now considering the possibility of working from home in the near future.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett