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Disabled man awarded £1.5m clinical negligence settlement

Disabled man awarded £1.5m clinical negligence settlement

A disabled man has been awarded a clinical negligence compensation settlement that is set to be worth more than £1.5 million due to the devastating effects of a botched surgical procedure at a Middlesex hospital.

According to the Bradford Telegraph & Argus, Stuart Morley, who is 29 years of age, suffered a burst bowel when medical experts at St Mark's Hospital - which is managed by the North West London Hospitals NHS Trust - closed his bowel by mistake during an operation.

Mr Morley, who has learning difficulties, has a form of incontinence whereby he suffers from chronic constipation and was fitted with a colostomy bag some 18 years ago at St James's Hospital in Leeds.

However, as surgeons performed an operation that aimed to remove the need for this container, it was sealed which left the patient unable to pass waste and in need of a lifesaving operation.

Therefore, the news source added, he has been awarded a lump sum of £500,000 in compensation and will also receive annual instalments of £25,000 for the rest of his life.

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Posted by Richard Saunders