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Former fireman seeking substantial medical negligence damages

Former fireman seeking substantial medical negligence damages

A man is seeking a substantial medical negligence compensation sum after he was wrongly diagnosed with cancer by professionals at a Scottish hospital.

According to STV, Laurence Ball, who is now 60 years of age, underwent surgery to remove one of his lungs following the incorrect assessment of his illness by doctors at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in 2005.

The ex-fireman told the news source that he was told of the presence of a tumour in his lung which would mean he would need it to be removed, but was informed shortly after the procedure that this had been a mistake.

Mr Ball explained that he was now suing NHS Grampian - which oversees the care of 500,000 people in its region north of the border - for a "six-figure sum" as the incident had "ruined" his life.

"It had a dramatic impact - I lost my job as I had to take early retirement on medical grounds. I am unable to do any of the things I used to do," he added.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett