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Expert: Employment tribunal system may need overhaul

Expert: Employment tribunal system may need overhaul

The government is right to consider revamping the UK's employment tribunal system, an expert has said.

According to Phil Flaxton - chief executive of Work Wise UK, a not-for-profit organisation which encourages the adoption of smarter working practices - the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance should implement changes to this area of the country's employment legislation sooner rather than later for the benefit of both organisations and their workers.

"The evidence would suggest that the system needs a review and potentially, an overhaul," Mr Flaxton noted.

He went on to explain that changes to the current system may have benefits for the wider economy, as more employers could be likely to recruit members of staff more freely on the basis that "people are not just going to use any excuse to take them to a tribunal".

Therefore, Mr Flaxton concluded that the coalition should look to introduce a more "robust and fair" arrangement, as this would be good for both parties.

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Posted by Richard Saunders