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Couple awarded medical negligence compensation

Couple awarded medical negligence compensation

A married couple have been awarded an undisclosed amount of clinical negligence compensation after the failings of medical experts at a hospital led to their baby being stillborn.

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust - which provides care for around 550,000 people in the region - has accepted liability for the ordeal suffered by Katie and Robert Page in October 2009 which resulted in them losing their child.

Mr and Mrs Page had contacted staff at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital on several occasions to express their concern about the fact that they had noticed reduced movements from the child and then visited the institution and demanded to be seen.

Despite this, it took seven hours for the couple to receive attention and, by that time, the young boy -named Harry - was stillborn.

Their legal representative commented: "To lose a baby is upsetting enough but to discover that - was it not for entirely avoidable, basic errors - Harry would have survived, has been very difficult for Katie and Robert to cope with."

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett