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Asbestos-related illness sufferers urged to claim compensation

Asbestos-related illness sufferers urged to claim compensation

People who have been affected by asbestos-related illnesses in one region of the UK have been urged to make sure they claim personal injury compensation of £5,000 each this year.

According to the York Press, victims of the lung condition pleural plaques - which is caused by exposure to the potentially lethal substance - in York and North Yorkshire need to claim their damages from the government by August 1st 2011.

The scheme, which is being run by the Ministry of Justice, enables sufferers who filed a complaint for negligence against their former employers before October 17th 2007 to claim, the news source added.

However, Kim Daniells - founder of the York Asbestos Support Group, a members' organisation that is dedicated to providing "care, support, advice and assistance" for people affected by such conditions - noted that claiming this figure does not disqualify individuals from seeking full compensation later on.

"The awards for these conditions can be substantial. It is not unusual to get about £250,000," she added.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett.