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TUC produces new employment law guidance

TUC produces new employment law guidance

Workers in all sectors have been advised to take a look at a new document produced by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) to advise them on their basic employment rights in their jobs.

The body - which represents 6.2 million people employed in a wide range of different roles - last week (January 20th 2011) published the first in a series of newsletters that have been designed to aid vulnerable workers in terms of their rights, as many employees are thought to be unaware of what they are legally entitled to.

This scheme - entitled Enforcing Minimum Workplace Rights and Bargaining for More - has been specifically designed for vulnerable employees in temporary, low-paid and part-time positions to help them get their rights enforced, as they could otherwise miss out on good working conditions.

Frances O'Grady, deputy secretary general of the TUC, commented: "Vulnerable workers often find themselves working excessively long hours, sometimes with no contract of employment."

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Posted by Richard Saunders