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Nick Clegg calls for reform of UK libel laws

Nick Clegg calls for reform of UK libel laws

The UK's libel laws are set to be revamped in the near future in order to end the current system, the government has revealed.

According to a speech given by deputy prime minister Nick Clegg at the Institute for Government, the draft of the new defamation bill, which is due to be unveiled later this year, will herald a new era of legislation in the area as the current system has become an "international laughing stock".

The minister - who is leader of the Liberal Democrat party and MP for the constituency of Sheffield Hallam - added that there are many problems which need to be resolved and clarified, including the existing laws surrounding fair comment and justification.

Meanwhile, he also stated that there will be a new protection for people speaking out in the public interest "whether they be big broadcasters or the humble blogger".

Mr Clegg went on to say that "it is simply not right when academics and journalists are effectively bullied into silence by the prospect of costly legal battles with wealthy individuals and big businesses".

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Posted by Richard Saunders

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