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Max Mosley seeks new media law ruling at the ECHR

Max Mosley seeks new media law ruling at the ECHR

The way in which the media is allowed to write about the personal lives of individuals may be altered following a hearing at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) next week.

According to the Guardian, the ECHR - which is based in Strasbourg and is presided over by Jean-Paul Costa of France - will hold an oral hearing on Tuesday January 11th 2011 as Max Mosley, the former president of the governing body of motorsport the FIA, is seeking a "major restraint on press freedom".

Should Mr Mosley be successful, newspapers and other publishers may be legally required to warn people prior to printing articles revolving around their private lives, which would then allow these individuals the opportunity to seek a court order preventing the publication of certain material.

This would therefore mean that people would no longer simply have to "make do with compensation after the damage is done", the news source went on to state.

Jacqueline Young, media Lawyer at Russell Jones & Walker, commented: "The Media will inevitably fight tooth and nail to prevent any restraint on their ability to publish a sensational story. But, every individual has the right to a private life and should be given the opportunity to protect this. In any event the damage caused by an invasion of privacy can rarely be remedied by money alone and therefore it is almost always necessary and legitimate to seek an injunction prior to publication."

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett

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