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Government 'looking into creating specialist anti-business crime body'

Government 'looking into creating specialist anti-business crime body'

The government is considering the possibility of creating a new specialist body with the remit to combat corporate corruption, it has been revealed.

Ministers within the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance are looking into whether or not it is viable for the Serious Fraud Office to be merged with a new National Crime Agency in a bid to crackdown on this area of business crime which costs the country around £30 billion annually, according to the Financial Times.

Speaking during an interview with the news source, policing minister and MP for Arundel and South Downs Nick Herbert indicated that the Home Office is to now control a project aimed at establishing an Economic Crime Agency, which it is hoped would tighten the grip on such fraudsters further.

"As the department with the role of crime-fighting, it is right that the Home Office should be focused on economic crime. There has not been that focus until now," the minister added.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens