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Government confirms end of default retirement age

Government confirms end of default retirement age

The current default retirement age in the UK is to be phased out to give employees more control over when they leave the workplace, the government has announced.

The rules will be scrapped between April 6th this year and October 11th and could help reduce the number of older employees who feel they are victims of age discrimination. Currently, staff can be forced out of work at 65, even if they are still fit and able to carry out their job.

According to the government, the change has been made to accommodate people living for longer and remaining in good health until an old age.

Employment relations minister Edward Davey said: "Older workers can play an incredibly important role in the workplace and it is high time we ended this outdated form of age discrimination."

Workers union TUC welcomed the change to regulation and said that staff should be judged on their skills and ability rather than age.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens