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Expert: Employers may struggle with new parental leave legislation

Expert: Employers may struggle with new parental leave legislation

New governmental legislation regarding parental leave in the UK may not garner much support among employers in the current economic climate, an expert has said.

According to Phil Flaxton, chief executive of Work Wise UK, while the updated laws are undoubtedly an improvement on previous legislation in terms of fairness and flexible working, the extension of paternity leave at the moment could prove tricky for many firms to absorb due to the effects of the recession.

"If you are taking off five months or six months, I think that will be quite difficult for certainly smaller employers, unless there was going to be any help from the government," he noted.

Mr Flaxton added that support from the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance is unlikely to be forthcoming, meaning that small and medium-sized enterprises may struggle in particular.

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg recently revealed that the coalition will implement a full new parental leave system by 2015.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett