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Ex-security guard seeks injury compensation of £300k

Ex-security guard seeks injury compensation of £300k

A man is claiming personal injury compensation claim of £300,000 from his former employer after a robbery incident at his place of work left him with a bullet lodged in his body.

According to news resource STV, Arthur Leckenby, who is 53 years old, was shot by an armed criminal during a raid on a branch of the Bank of Scotland in Kilmarnock in May 2006.

Mr Lackenby, who still has the bullet in his body, told the Court of Session in Edinburgh that a bulletproof vest would have "easily" prevented it from entering his abdomen, the news source continued.

However, he was not provided with body armour when asked to respond as part of a security team to the incident, which was handled by Manchester-based company Brinks. Therefore, he is pursuing a damages claim of £300,000 against the firm.