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Ex-hospital employee seeking £200k injury damages

Ex-hospital employee seeking £200k injury damages

Injuries sustained at work have resulted in a member of staff at a hospital seeking a compensation settlement of £200,000 from her employers.

According to the Scarborough Evening News, Julia Graham, a woman who had carried out administrative work and duties such as scanning patients at the Scarborough and Malton Hospitals since 1997, has required two operations on issues with her shoulder she claims were caused by being overworked.

As a result, Mrs Graham, who has now been declared "permanently unfit to return to work as a sonographer", is claiming compensation from the Scarborough and North East Yorkshire NHS Trust; which was formed in 1992 and provides care for a population of around 240,000 people.

The former employee alleges that her right shoulder was damaged as she was consistently having to lean and twist her body and therefore required sick leave due to the problem in January 2008.

She returned to work but was advised not to work again in June 2010.