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Employers 'should revamp salary schemes for greater transparency'

Employers 'should revamp salary schemes for greater transparency'

Employers may face less grievance cases from their members of staff if they permitted a greater level of transparency in terms of their salary schemes, it has been claimed.

According to Karen Moore, head of policy at the Women's Resource Centre, this would help to narrow the UK's gender pay gap from its current figure, which the expert described as "unacceptable".

Ms Moore pointed to the fact that the 15.5 per cent disparity is likely to persist across all sectors in the country unless organisations become more willing to implement performance-related pay structures through revamping their wage scales in the wake of the global economic downturn.

She noted that "women comprise 51 per cent of this nation's population and form an invaluable and often unheralded part of our workforce," but are still being underpaid, despite this.

This comes after a survey by My Salary Checker recently found that 80 per cent of UK women feel that they are not paid fairly for their role.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett