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Employers 'should offer interns a training wage'

Employers 'should offer interns a training wage'

Employers may be able to avoid grievance cases brought about on the grounds of pay discrimination by disgruntled interns if a training wage for such workers was introduced.

That is the view of Phil Flaxton, chief executive of Work Wise UK, who has said that the implementation of a pay rate for people who complete internships lasting more than three months would represent a win-win situation for all concerned parties, as long as businesses were able to absorb the cost of doing so.

"It depends on how many interns you have, whether you have 50 or 3,000. That is quite an additional cost to find which one would assume would be passed on," he added.

Mr Flaxton was speaking after the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development recently called upon the government to introduce a £2.50 an hour training wage into national minimum wage legislation for internships.

However, the expert added that this may be insufficient.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens