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Woman wins libel case against engineering firm

Woman wins libel case against engineering firm

A woman has won a case against an engineering company that took legal action against her on the grounds of libel.

According to the Ilkeston Advertiser, Diane Charlton - who works part-time as a cook in a care home - published articles online in 2009 regarding the construction of an eight-foot steel fence on her street by Rayden Engineering, a Derbyshire-based firm that was established in 1979.

The firm was planning to use the erected fence for storage space and Richard Hayden, its chief executive, subsequently sued Mrs Charlton for her allegedly libellous remarks about the company.

However, the High Court has now ruled that there has been a lack of progress on the part of Mr Hayden and has therefore thrown the case out, the news source reported.

According to the court, Mrs Charlton had not been contacted by Mr Hayden regarding the issue since March, meaning that the case had evidently slipped in to a state of inactivity.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens

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