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Victims of convicted rapist sue for compensation

Victims of convicted rapist sue for compensation

The victims of a convicted rapist are making personal injury claims against the offender and suing for compensation.

John Worboys, 53, was found guilty of sexually assaulting 12 passengers travelling in his black cab at a trial in March 2009.

Since he was sent to jail the following month, police have confirmed that 19 more females have come forward as his victims between 2002 and 2007, while up to 100 are believed to have been subjected to his attacks.

They have now lodged claims for compensation in the High Court, with a legal source telling The Sun that this is an "unprecedented case, given the number of women victims involved who are now suing".

It is believed that the remuneration could reach thousands of pounds as Mr Worboys has assets including four properties.

Earlier this month, Mr Worboys was used as an example as the reason behind the government's decision to abandon plans to grant anonymity to men charged with rape, saying it would have protected the "black cab rapist".

Liz Dux, a solicitor specialising in civil claims for sexual abuse and assault, welcomed the action taken by some of Mr Worboys' victims.

She said: "Although they will qualify for some compensation under the government's CICA scheme, it is really only intended as a token gesture and rarely reflects the huge amount of suffering actually inflicted. Many victims feel that someone such as Mr Worboys will be released after serving a fraction of their sentence and then will be able to return to normal living, whereas they will carry the scars of his assaults forever more. Through such civil claims they are forcing him to account financially for the dreadful pain he has inflicted. Sadly, these types of claims can only be pursued in limited circumstances where an assailant has sufficient financial means to meet the judgement."

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett