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Man wins £250,000 compensation for workplace injury

Man wins £250,000 compensation for workplace injury

A man has won £250,000 in compensation after an accident at work resulted in him suffering several health problems.

David Prince, 58, was hit by an iron bar as he inspected the contents of a lorry while working as a reception assistant at Rampton Secure Hospital.

The Doncaster resident said that the accident made him feel dizzy and he had severe pain, as well as nausea and extreme tiredness.

He pursued a claim against the company that owned the lorry, EH Lee, after he began to suffer from chronic headaches, mood swings and poor sleep following the incident.

Earlier this week, the firm agreed to the compensation and Mr Prince said that he was pleased with the result.

He added that the remuneration has "made a great difference, as it's taken away a lot of worries about the future".

According to DirectGov, employers should report any accidents that occur in the workplace involving major injuries, disease or any circumstance that prevents a member of staff from doing their job for more than three days to the Incident Contact Centre of the Health and Safety Executive.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett