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Girl awarded £9m in medical negligence compensation

Girl awarded £9m in medical negligence compensation

The NHS has awarded a young girl a clinical negligence compensation settlement of £9 million after she sustained a brain injury during her birth.

According to the Harrow Times, Amy Smith, who is now eight years old, will require professional medical care for the rest of her life after she was born 20 minutes after her twin at Northwick Park Hospital - a facility managed by the North West London Hospitals NHS Trust, which cares for a population in excess of 500,000 - in September 2002.

As a result of her delayed birth, the child now has severe cerebral palsy and it has been ruled that this would have been avoided had the process of her delivery been handled properly by staff at the institution.

Therefore, a lump sum of £3.29 million followed by annual, index-linked and tax-free payments will be given to the child's family by the Trust to help meet the cost of her lifelong care.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens