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Birth Injury Pays £6m Medical Negligence Compensation

Boy awarded £6m in medical negligence compensation

A young boy who was left with a severe head injury due to irregularities at his birth has been awarded a medical negligence compensation settlement of £6 million.

The youngster, who is now eight years old, sustained permanent brain damage and developed cerebral palsy due to the fact that his delivery at the Queen's Park Hospital in Blackburn was mismanaged.

Therefore, the East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust - which employs 7,000 members of staff and provides care for around 500,000 people in the region - has been ordered by the courts to pay this sum, despite originally denying all responsibility.

According to the judge, this figure will be awarded in the form of annual payments of £100,000 for the next ten years, and £180,000 annually after the boy - who will require professional care for the remainder of his life - turns 18.

These injuries were caused by the fact that the child was starved of oxygen due to the negligence of staff at the hospital.

Slater and Gordon Medical Negligence Solicitors Paul Sankey said, "Brain injuries from medical errors in the management of labour can cause life-long disability. It is not unusual for the cost of providing care and treatment for life to run into millions. The award in this case reflects the enormous impact of medical negligence during the process of birth."